We are thrilled to announce that all our Khadi products are CERTIFIED by KVIC, Ministry of MSME,Govt.of India. Being one of the few brands, we are the license owners of the deemed Khadi Mark.

The Khadi Mark

Khadi Mark is the mark of authenticity.Its labels and tags are used on genuine,100% pure Khadi and Khadi products made of cotton,wool,silk or mixture of these

KVIC alone can claim the rights and promote the mark as its own.It is a non-trading body established under Khadi and Village Industries Commission Act,1956.The purpose of KVIC was to Promote,Plan and Organise the establishment and development of Khadi industries in the rural areas.Today,KVIC holds registration for the word 'KHADI' and 'KHADI' formative marks in most of the classes of the Trademark Act,1956.


History of KHADI

Khadi or Khaddar is an Indian homespun cotton cloth.The handspun yarn which was used for the making of this cloth was of poor quality but expensive. The mill owners,in order to create a monopoly denied the opportunity to the handloom weavers to buy yarn.

Mahatma Gandhi initiated the KHADI MOVEMENT in which he used the Spinning Wheel (Charkha) himself tomake cloth out of handspun yarn and also encouraged others to do so.

It became popular and also an integral part of the Indian independence movement.Gandhi promoted Khadi for the self-reliance and self-employment instead of using the British manufactured cloth.

Khadi is also recognised by many of the prominent dictionaries as a

spinning wheel

The spinning wheel represents to me the hope of the masses.The masses lost their freedom,such as it was,with the loss of the Charkha.The Charkha supplemented the agriculture of the villagers and gave it dignity.

Khadi Legacy in Telangana

Vavilala Khadi Gramodyog Pratishthan was set up during the Indian independence movement with the involvement of Mahatma Gandhi,by Swami Ramanand Teerth and others,who were allies of Gandhi.They have since then carried the legacy of Gandhian values and this region is known for its weaving communities which continue to produce FINE QUALITY KHADI.


Sustainable Beginnings

Khadi is not only a source of sustenance for thousands of Indians — but it’s a part of our social fabric. An economic measure cannot be called sustainable unless its benefits peasants and artisans. Nearly a century ago, Gandhi found the answer to rural India’s financial independence in khadi and promoted it until his death. It ameliorated the socio-conomic conditions of many villagers. Production of Khadi is easily compatibility with the environment.

Manufacturing one metre of Khadi requires just 3 litres of water against the 56 litres needed for mill fabric,according to V.K.Saxena,chairman of Khadi and Village Industries Commission. This also helps in solving one of the most pressing issues of today — the water crisis in both rural and urban India.

Our Intervention

Handspun,handwoven fabrics have a charm of their own. We are always looking out for preserving traditional textiles that reminds us of our roots,culture and values, yet is so indivualistic of the beauty that lies in the irregularities of these handwoven fabrics.It is this handmade quality,with its inherent story of human energy,that creates the romance,a cloth connoisseur craves.

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