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A tradition as old as the land we stand on, told through stories of crafts and weaves. 

With Airavata Textiles, an organic clothing brand in Hyderabad, one among the many Indian sustainable fashion brands, these traditions come to life through a collection of everyday and occasion garments, tailored to fit every moment of grandeur and togetherness. Search for any other sustainable clothing brand in Hyderabad and you’ll find a fundamental difference in the collection that we offer. Take a closer look at our textiles and you’ll discover patterns intricately woven by local weavers and artisans from across the nation, brought together by a passion for weaving. 

As a handloom clothing brand in Hyderabad, Airavata Textiles aims to bring back the importance of handwoven garments in the fashion world, taking a stand for families who sustain their livelihoods through these handloom traditions. Among all the new clothing brands in Hyderabad, we are proud to uplift and empower these local artisans and weavers, passing on textile artworks to those who make the conscious choice of bringing handwoven legacies to the present.

From everyday essentials like Blazers, Capes and Nehru Jackets to occasion wear like Anarkalis, Ensembles and Sherwani brands, Airavata Textiles offers a collection that other fashion brands in Hyderabad cannot compete with, providing everyone who visits our website the opportunity to craft a fashion identity that’s as unique as their personality. Thanks to every single contribution made, our partnership with local artisans and their families can continue influencing a fashion generation to return to their roots, starting with their wardrobe.