Everyday Essential for Men

First impressions, whether in the board room or at a social gathering, are made by what our eyes lay on first, and if fashion has anything to say about it, then AIravata Textiles is where you can find textile garments that inspire generations at a glance. Offering handloom clothing for men online, our range of everyday essentials present you with the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of local artisans and weavers as they continue bringing such inspiring tales to our garments. 

Looking to bring the charm to the table? Our weavers can have you feeling confident in a suave pair of handwoven trousers. Need a quick switch from work mode to party mode? Our Nehru jackets are fit to suit any last minute change in plans. Whatever your needs may be, our fabrics are locally sourced to deliver the most optimum levels of comfort at every move. 

By choosing to revamp your wardrobe with us, you make the conscious choice of supporting local craftspeople and their handloom traditions, ensuring that garments handwoven out of love and history get the appreciation they deserve.

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