Everyday Essentials for Women

Handloom Clothing for Women Online
Day long meetings. Lunch with colleagues. Evening gatherings with friends and family. 
Every scenario for social interaction requires a fitting outfit. Here, the choice becomes simple. Do everyday essentials stay as they are, or do they have the capacity to transform into textile artworks that uplift and inspire? At Airavata Textiles, we offer handloom clothing for women online, crafted by local artisans and weavers through handloom traditions passed down from generations.

Want to look sharp yet casual at the same time? Give one of our traditional yet contemporary handwoven blazers a try. Heading out into the town for the weekend night? Be the center of conversations with a midi skirt. Feeling up to indulging your ethnic side for the day? Our lightweight shrugs are fit for every mood you can think of.
Dramatic or subtle, versatility is the statement you’ll make at every step.

With every purchase made from our website, these handloom traditions can successfully transition into the present, brought forward by craftspeople who can continue weaving stories through fabrics that reflect such history.

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